Top 5 best Investment Ideas for Beginners in 2020 — Psychological Analysis

Kishore Vishwa
6 min readDec 10, 2019

The best way to escape the Ongoing economic crisis and to have a safe future is by Investing the right proportion of Income in the Right-way. To ease the complications of Investment Ideas for Beginners and Intermediates, details are discussed after research and analysis with facts to make clear ways for Investments.

Initiating Mentality towards an Investment

We might have seen people around us getting rich or retire earlier than many could have possibly imagined. Firstly, It will remain an awe factor to everyone who has No idea (or very little) about Investments & Returns.

The attainment is primarily by their management on cash-flow and on the type of Investments they have concentrated on (in Long-run).

People who are clear in their slot or with field experience might choose it wisely either by starting a firm or by lending them money on their concurrent field therefore, they enjoy the outcome as ripened fruits. But investors (especially those who are young and started making money recently) don’t come up with a clear mind towards investing.

To help those who are struggling to find a way or confused in their thoughts towards investing may get clear after going through this completely.

How Modern Investors are Thinking?

You would be surprised to know the fact that, most investment ideas for beginners are from their Inspiration (aka Role- models) and Friends. They don’t even try to learn 10% of the Technical factors in what they are about to invest.

This is the reason why most people who are good at making money are failing as Investors.

Instead of being a Jumbuck, how to invest the money wisely and where? It will be a natural query to everyone. To understand the concept of Investing for beginners clearly, they should know what kind of investments were made in the past to view acute in the future.

The Ancient method of Investing and Savings

The Industrial Revolution and Globalization had had the markets, as well as the mindset of people in the 20th century. So, any thoughts relating to growing were focused on producing products.

The Production department ruled the world until the 20th century, no matter what was the medium and what are the outcomes. The entire world ran behind it. And savings are associated mostly with Gold (excluding America) and Real estates.

The rules have changed. Do you know what’s ruling the industry now? You’d question the reality if I say it’s the Service sector. Having doubts? Then think about the billionaires’ list of the world. We’ll see more about this in Mediums of Investments.

(Savings) has changed its course from being a supporting tool to just a helping tool if needed and savings will not make your life any better in the 21 st century.

Savings are NOT Investments!

Both (Savings & Investments) processes will make money from money but, there is a prime difference between Investments and savings. Investments will multiply (with both positive and negative values on) your money whereas savings will do the addition and that remains constant throughout.

“A Saving scheme will not let you grow!” Yes, you read it right. Saving your money, in the long-run, will not let you grow but, remains constant support irrespective of the period that it is being saved.

If confused, consider the following as an example.
Think that you have deposited 100k in a bank for 10 years. You will be paid a maximum average of 7% per anum. At the end of 10 years, you’ll be having an amount less than 200k (the value was not even doubled to the primary deposit made).

In a trade-oriented society, values of everything will incline upwards as long there is a need. So, what the value possessed by 100k before 10 years will now be possessed by the 200k or more. As the value of money decreases over time, savings might end up being a loss in value. That’s why Savings are not investments. These might not help you when needed but, might act as a supporting tool in emergencies.

Leaving all the confusion on Investments behind, let’s focus on the Excel Investing procedures and areas.

How to Invest in 2020?

The World is driven by the trading culture and that’s carried out based on a simple list

To recognize the areas available to Invest in 2020, let’s go through these Mediums of Investment. Analyzing this will help you in asset creation which could help you to generate passive income resulting in quick retirement.

The buoyant business class is being replaced with Robotics and Artificial intelligence which in turn affects the need for Human Resources, In addition to this, any investment requiring human resources will demand a greater risk unless Creativity is Primary played, indeed.

Real-Estate in 2020

The world had a change of face since the Invention of the Internet, especially with Real-Estate. After that, as the bond with the internet is growing day-by-day, retail ventures and rent (commercial) based economy is backing down.

Locations of the shop are no longer a matter to consider so, if you are planning to invest in real-estate, kindly research the returns from it. Above all, if the returns don’t break-even within 5 years (up to 15 years for a self-owned building), you wouldn’t make profits.

For an in-depth description of the current market and future of the real estate, please go through this link.

Industries in 2020

Production of goods will never stop but, will change in time. The changing environmental conditions and future implementations towards climate change will challenge the production department of the world. If you are planning about a firm but have no idea about the management of end products (wastes), think twice because you may end up paying the entire revenue you will make as Penalty.

If the Idea you are looking at satisfies the condition stated above, you can go ahead with

  • Starting a firm
  • Acquiring Stocks
  • Lending in Mutual funds

Before investing in a Stock or a Mutual Fund, go through at least 2 years of company’s record, just in case to visualize its growth, and it should cope-up with the future complexions as well, As well.

Investors on large scale (comparing to the past) are Investing in Mutual funds and stocks. This is also driven by the government, therefore to stop society from getting impoverished of Resources like Gold and oil.

Entertainment & Food Industry

These 2 industries would not be detached from humans as long as we live. But that doesn’t mean it comes without hue. As the Internet holds the entire control, maintaining quality will be the top preference one should focus on. With Entertainment, it’s the Piracy that one should be worried about. Once you start to manage these aspects then, these 2 fields will lay golden eggs.

Marketing & Service Sectors

As we have seen earlier, the Service sector (including marketing within) is ruling the 21 stcentury but, it’s not easy to invest in this field. Because of the Changing Trend & Technology (every day), it will be tough to decide the economy it generates.

If the idea is bringing people the ease at their doorstep compelling like UBER and AMAZON, the idea would get light up else, such things will be doomed, eventually.

The Good (Rules of) Investments

Anything will be considered as a good investment if the returns return the capital invested within 5 years (in the short-run). In long-run (like rentals), it should cover the value of the property within 15 years.

Investments can create 2 types of return

There is nothing known as Loss in Investments if you maintain the formula of Investment properly, eventually, it’ll make you rich and retire soon by allowing you to spend on what you must spend and save on what should have been saved. Giving out money is the first stage of success in Investing if you are expecting a return but, remember Warren Buffet’s rule no:1, “Never Lose Money!”.

To not lose money and to spend on the necessities, you should maintain the discipline on the formula.

The formula for Maintaining Cash-flow

Acquiring money doesn’t always come up with the habit of Saving, Spending, and Investing combined and that’s what needed to be done on maintaining the cash flow to be a successful investor, for instance.

A simple formula and a discipline on that will make you wise and help you generate assets by diving the proportions of the income.

Take 100% of the months’ cash-flow in hand. Now, split into 3 proportions for Savings, Spending, and Investing. Allot 15% of the money to Savings, 35% on Investing and 50% on Spending (if you have to spend much on to make yourself a living).

If the condition is not that hard (to make yourself a living), take 20% on Savings, 30% on Spending, and 50% on investing. This type of maintenance will push you to look forward to opportunities and with proper research on the area (you wish to invest), it will make you taste the sweetness of the returns as ripened fruits.

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