To be Stress-free at work and find Passion

Kishore Vishwa
5 min readMar 6, 2020

The definitive way of being Stress-Free at work or on anything someone does is discussed with explaining the core factor for stress, and their heedlessness about passion.

After a period of life, everyone has to start running to get life going. In modern names they are called work, job, career, etc. it could be varying from Hunting in a tribe to a CEO of a Multi-National company. Everyone has to have their butts moved irrespective of the role they play.

While the work factor being common to all, there’s one more thing that follows people in that area, “Stress”. Recently (from millennials), Stress seems to have caught even the Students from their adolescence. So, the common ideology is, anyone, rushing in their life (running for betterment) has to be in stress, and that is completely normal.

Due to this particular aspect, there will always be reluctance in those who answer the question “Are you happy in what you are doing?”. Stress is also one of the major reasons for a setback in someone’s performance and their mourns.

Is it true? Can’t people continue their works without being stressed out?

To get answers to the questions, we must go through “What’s Stress?” and “How a Stress is caused?”

Stress is something caused by adverse circumstances. Mainly, Internal-factors. Non-involvement is the major constituent of it. But this can’t be blamed on anyone. Even topmost of the employees or even the sole owner of a property (if it is inherited) might be lee-involved. They may work on their fields, may even hold proprietorship, but if they are stressed out in what they are doing, they are lacking one thing.

All aspects that lead to stress have been missing one simple attitude, the “Passion”.

What is a Passion

Passion is an Inner thirst within one. This thirst can never be quenched. It just keeps increasing along with the intensity towards it. It is the only thing that makes an individual perform something with a push from anyone. Also, it will make someone work on it irrespective of the resistance the person puts on it.

Passion is based on someone’s core ideology. It can’t be shown on anything unless expressing it deals with the core elements of one.

How Passion is helping someone

Working on the passionate field is the only way for anyone to not get caught with Stress. Because the main phenomenon of less-involvement has no role to do with someone working out on his core ideology which will demand his attention every time.

The person may get with other facets like Failure, Slow progress, Setbacks, and many. But this can be wiped out through rests and persistence, unlike stress, which will bring in boredom and cost of peace of mind.

People who are working on their passion will not care about the results. Those results will only be seen as a bonus or a lesson. For example: in Jobs’s movie, there’s a scene that shows Steve Jobs laughing at his computer which has caught fire, while the rest of the team looks mad on that failed attempt. Though it’s just a movie scene, they have expressed the pattern precisely.

Also, these people will see others with a similar mindset (passionate in their field) as a colleague rather than a competitor. The craze will pull people of the same kind and creates magic. You might have come across this situation while watching many sports, where opponents appreciate a trick more than the team-mate.

So, working on one’s passion will be the ultimate way to be enlightened. But there is one problem with it in recent times, the “Commercialization”.

The commercialization of Passion

This Passion factor is now being commercialized for those who haven’t found theirs yet. People are spending money to understand themselves while everything they need to know is within them.

The Over-achieved life guiders and Motivational speakers have taken it as a weapon to earn money and preach passion through words and group analyzing. This may lead someone to get into an easy-going life by a mismatch and comparison.

These problems can be solved only when the particular individual goes through all the hurdles and finds his best way to tackle everything. For that, he needs to find his passion.

How to Identify someone’s Passion

If you are into something out of your interest without anyone’s push or coercion maybe as a hobby or a stress buster, trust me, you are already there in El Dorado. Just stick on to what you are doing. Even if the growth seems slow, the growth will never be and sooner or later, the growth with being exponential.

For those who don’t know what’s their passion and struggling to find it, you just need some time and work on the list:

  1. Take a paper and list down all the things you are interested to do. Even if it seems silly, just list.
  2. Now start selecting things in which you would like to work disregarding tiredness, hunger, and sleep.
  3. In the short-listed options, short-list things you would like to do each day for a decade.
  4. You may get the result as one or a handful. If it’s just one, you have reached what you are looking for. If it is more than one, try out everything one by one, each for a week.
  5. In the end, analyze which had had you off the limits to new extremes, and feels like you want to explore more. The result is the end.

Prioritize the result. List the options available to express that. In that, something will grab your attention, attracts you, would come like a piece of cake. If you are sure about the result, just grab on to it. Because that’s your ground.

Someone with passion looks at everything and relate their ideology into it. For example: if the passion is in dance, even the walks and hand moves will look like a dance move to those. Likewise, everything has its effects.

Understand a fact that, the place where your passion lies will not only just pulls you but will inter-relate things you had heard, seen, and thought about. The level of craze someone has with passion can’t be matched even with a team without passion.

Working on passion is the way for anyone to be stress-free in what they are doing and the only way to achieve greater heights and break records. So, know your passion, grow your talent. The victory is yours.