Tips on How to Wake up Early and Why? — Case study

Kishore Vishwa
6 min readDec 16, 2019

Ascending from the bed will be the first and massive of all tasks anyone would face in their daily routine. And that routine includes only two classes of people, those who wake up early from the bed and those who dissuade it.

Why should someone wake up early in the morning? “ will be the biggest question by those who wanted some good extra sleep especially in the early mornings.

Apart from bragging the lifestyle of highly successful people (who has the habit of waking up early) and the theories of getting a quiet daytime, being productive, regular food habits and exercises, Are there any special reasons that could be linked to getting up early? And the reasons being stated are seriously linked with getting up early to grandstand those qualities?

Let’s go through a late riser’s day

After opening the eyes (in the late mornings), the bed will feel like a sophisticated cushion which will make the body to lie down outrageously for some time. Even if we try to get up, our body won’t respond ( unless we are running out of time) with all the freshness that it should have after a full-fledged sleep (Have you ever noticed that our body will feel gleaming immediately after a 20-min nap in the afternoon but not after a prolonged sleep at 7:30 or above in the mornings?). Then the day will be dealt with fatigue, overeating, sleepy afternoons and prolonged sleepless nights.

People (those who are late risers) will find it difficult to maintain a clock cycle for their body to respond to the functionalities in their day-to-day activities. The rhythm will not be the same in comparison with those who jump off early.

To understand the aftermaths of late rising, you must know what happens with the body in the morning! The Anatomical structure of the body

Our body has the systematic clock of adapting to the changes. For instance, if we start to have our food at a regular time interval for 2 consecutive days, we’ll be feeling hungry on the 3rd day by the same time intervals as the previous days without any external reminders.

We may bring up a doubt like, if that’s the case, then why should someone be worried about getting up late? We can change or bring in any habits with time intervals & practice and get adapted to the new time table without the effects of late-blooming.

But that’s where the wake-up procedure differs from the rest of the systematic functions of the body.

From the origin of living organisms, every living animal had reduced its activity while the sun goes down ( thanks to the poor visual). This practice ( for millions of years) puts our body to adapt to the cycle of the Sun; by secreting Active hormones in the day-time and Refreshing slow-paced hormones in the night.

These active hormones start to get secreted by the body at the moment it senses the pressure changes made by the uplifting sun. During this stage, the body will be lite and refreshing which helps in suspending the sleepy state. So, getting up in this period (10 to 15 mins before the sunrise) will be easy for the body.

These are the reasons why every other living animal is awake during Sunrise. Anyone who wakes up in this period can feel that.

If someone collapses this period, may end up messing the hormone cycle of their body.

The Vexatious Invention of Humans

After inventing fire, humans (alone) had started to roam around in the nights on rare occasions. Later with current, humans started to live in the nights resulting in a prolonged active state and reduced resting state. This took away the time for relaxing hormones like and for the body.

Let’s see what will happen if we don’t wake up in the early morning!

At the time the sun starts to rise, the Diurnal rhythm starts activating the active hormones which control the basic cycle required for a healthy pulsating for the day. If someone is sleeping at that time, these hormones won’t be stopped but reduce the speed of the processes that it should possess by the sleepy state of the person. This activity on repetition will make the hormones to be that way through adaption.

So, that person won’t be feeling fresh after getting up late instead, will be feeling replete and sloth by the slow-paced active hormones.

The Effects of these slow-paced hormones (by not waking up early) in the mornings will result in:

  • The delayed mechanism of the entire body’s response rate. This is the reason for everyone to feel tired instead of being fresh after a sound sleep.
  • This will pull the active state of the brain to drain adding up delayed metabolism, resulting in fatigue throughout the day & being not ready to do active stuff.
  • When the functions that should happen at a particular time stop or delays, some other functions in response will start to happen thus, malfunction of the body like , Disruption in Blood pressure, Restlessness and in the worst cases, begins!
  • The rudimentary behavior of humans is changing one’s very own nature by becoming less tolerant, abnormal hype to do activities, a decrease in the level of focus, and an increase in resistance towards acceptance.

Studies are suggesting humans to reduce activities in the nights as we are becoming arrogant without consciousness.

How to overcome the shortcomings of late blooming?

Waking up before the sunrise is the only way to get rid of all the shortcomings or you should be mutated to control your hormones. Let’s not complicate much and stick with the first one.

The crucial part of everyone’s life is to have quiet and peaceful nights with good rest through sleep. Let’s turn our faces back to that and try to be normal humans by waking up early and try to avoid being the excruciating humans by being active in the nights.

Whatever the time you had set earlier, try to bring it down before 6 AM. For better results, bring it before 5:45 AM.

How to wake-up early?

No one simply can change their routine to get early all of a sudden. It requires practice to do it consistently. It can only be made incessant step by step.

Let’s assume that your waking up time is 7:30–8 or above in the morning. To bring it down to 6 or below, it’ll take a minimum of 1-month practice. Because the time disruption will only help in getting up but won’t put you down to sleep in the nights based on the new timetable.

To make the body to go to sleep on time is by adjusting the clock slowly. So, if you sleep at 11:30 for example, try to reach the bed 10–15 mins earlier and maintain that for 3 days. The same applies to wake up. If you wake up by 8 in the morning, set your alarm 10–15 mins earlier and maintain that for 3 days.

Food, exercises, work and all other days to day activities demands time-based on a calendar and periods, which will differ from person to person. Food is just fuel for the day. Exercises are to make the fuel flow regularly. Work… Well, food & exercise are for work. But altogether combined is for the body. Anything for the body can be changed with practice but, the body is already in a systematic clock, and we cannot change its rhythm. If we change, we may end up becoming less human!

This way, you can help the body to react and adapt to changes quickly and end up producing the best results.

How to Wake up without an Alarm?

Anyone who follows the sleep routine by having some good time dedicated to sleep (in the nights) will naturally be awake in the early morning!

The Diurnal rhythm will help the body to fell lite by suspending the sleepy state in the early morning. To activate it, all you need to do is to be quick to bed and be cautious (remind your body to call off the sleepy state) to rise early.

We may sometimes experience it earlier by waking up without an alarm. Those are due to the pressure we put on our minds to do a task or to perform some actions. Thus, reminding the mind to get up early will wake you up early without an Alarm.

When? Or At What time Someone should wake up?

There’s no such timing picked out to be Ideal for Waking up early. Anytime before Sunrise or by the Sunrise will be advisable, as the body begins its functions based on that. 10–20 minutes will be the time you’ll be waking up if you follow the diurnal rhythm.

What are the benefits of waking up early

Waking up early will regulate your hormone cycle. So, you’ll be feeling brisker throughout the day thus, ending up in high productivity. This will help in getting highly active metabolism so, your health will periodically be taken care of by the diet which was demanded by your body. Flowing with nature will increase the senses in you so, you can enjoy your day with a lot more Love and Confidence which will lead you to a happy

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