The Successful Business Model by Monogamous People

Kishore Vishwa
7 min readJan 31, 2020

Crazy about surpassing your competitors in business? Then bring in your spouse into your business!

Business! It’s a dream for some people and a nightmare to many. But to those who are into it with craziness, it’s a playground. They bring in rules, execute it with care, and have fruits ripened in their hand. The results could be a road to heaven or hell-bent, it’s up to them. This attitude of playing with fire would eventually light up their lives with excitement and happiness.

Marriage! A next-level commitment, which demands your time along with work which might be already sucking your soul and sore. Unlike anything, one should never take a relationship as granted because, if anything else blows, only the path shatters. But if the relationship blows, the purpose (of life) will be at stake.

A Business and a Marriage are the two eminences, which promotes a person’s status irrespective of their condition. Both are two extremes with their very own ups and downs.

Tackling a business alone might be a huge task for many. Coming to marriage, none needs a word. What if a person in this status has to keep it going with one another in the same place?

To some, this could be the worst thought they could’ve to go through. Some may not even ready to think about it once. If you in these positions, trust me, you may reconsider it after going through this article because that’s where all the solution lies.

The common factors

The business will reach heights If running with Passion and Discipline. The same rule applies to Marriage. Both can be carried on smoothly if the needs get satisfied. It’s the primary role of every human to satisfy the needs because these are the things that will distract the path.

It is classified into Physical needs and Psychological needs.

Physical needs are:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothes and
  • Sex

Psychological needs can’t be “generally” classified as Physical needs. Because the Mentality and Anatomical structure of humans is not the same. It is divided into 2 categories. The Males mentality, and the Females.

Unfulfillment of the psychological needs will result in someone to lag biologically, and the stability in them will be deprived.

Let’s look into the aspects of Business and Marriage from the mentality of a Male and a Female.

The Males’ Psychology

About Business:

A Male will see his business as his Empire and Identity. In his mind, he’s the King, So, everyone else is a mudder in his saccade. He’ll be magnanimous in it and sees it as pride. It’ll be the topmost priority of all to him.

As it has given him Status, Prestige, Recognition, and watered his core psychological aspects, he can’t let anything happen to it.

If anything happens to the business (he has started by himself) heart and soul, he can’t tolerate it, as it has questioned his core factor (of how he is and what he is capable of). This is the reason why most failed businessmen committing suicide are males.

About Marriage:

Personally, when it comes to marriage or finding a pair, everything a man needs is Sex. Well, that’ll be his Priority. No one can point out that as a mistake or a flaw, because nature evolved a male especially for that (to bring diversity in the ecosystem).

Publicly, it is once again a matter of pride. Like, he has acquired a price for what he’s given. Here, the value of the price is measured with Attraction (fairness) (among men). This is the reason why males are looking into fairer women, as it will give them an image of a hunter with the greatest price.

The Females’ Psychology

About Business:

Unlike men, women will not get into business for identity and pride, but for what she has to offer the society, with what she’s doing. She can neither look business as an object nor for granted, but as a living one with heart and soul. She puts her status as a mother with what she’s been doing.

She sees the business growing as “Its” (the business’s) achievement rather than looking at it as hers.

Since she would look at it (anything) as a mother, unlike men, if a failure strikes hard, it won’t cost her life. Because she’s not destined to produce only one child. She’ll be having multiple things to take care of. Everything will be seen as her child.

About Marriage:

When it comes to getting a pair, everything a woman will look for is, what the pair has to offer? The priority will always come to security (protecting her) and then prioritizing (taking care) her (even from her wits).

Due to the reason of security that a man can provide, the mate selection will be done with Masculine comparison. The higher the masculinity, the more protection he serves. In modern times, the measurement is now added with “how good he is prioritizing her as well?”.

These are the basic psychological stands of Men and Women in doing a Business and considering a Relationship.

To understand “How (spouse) partnered businesses are great”, let’s first go through the businesses run by individual Male and Female and the problems and distractions faced by them.

Individual Males’ problem

Men won’t share their problems much with anyone (the more he’s masculine, the more he hardly shares. In his thoughts, it would question his image in others). The more problems he faces, the harder he becomes both internally and externally.

This is the exact opposite scenario of a Females’s mentality, which will leave her with fear and insecurities. In this situation, all he needs is moral support and belief, that he can make it. Instead, she’ll start pouring in Ideas and advice, which offends a man unless he asks for.

If the male is growing abruptly, he concentrates more on his business. If he’s facing losses, he starts bringing in fear in his spouse even without understanding her mentality. Both results in leaving a break in their relationship.

Individual Females’ problem

Women used to share a lot. They talk out their fears, insecurities, thoughts, and everything that strikes their mind. Their thinking ability is much higher than a man’s brain. The more she's thinking, the higher the confusion.

That doesn’t mean she can’t solve it. A Female’s mind can do better multitasking and puzzle-solving than a male. While her lamentations, a male needs to stand with her support her at least with words. Instead, he starts treating her with males’ formula by letting her do alone or demotivates her for her words.

Both will result in breaking her and doubting her esteems.

These are the Psychological aspects and break downs a Male and a Female undergoes. These are the actual “needs”. If this doesn’t get satisfied, they’ll end up getting distracted from their paths.

Distractions of genders (Individually)

The distractions faced by them are 2 types.

  1. Insufficient caring
  2. Over-expectative attention

To a Male, insufficient caring is a state, where he is not believed to his potential. This will put him in doubt and break his confidence.

Over-expectative attention is a state achieved by them in their high-time. This will make them look for better things even with their spouses.

To a Female, insufficient caring is a state, when she’s not provided with security. This will increase her feelings of insecurities resulting in her in a let-down path.

Over-expectative attention is a state, quite different from the men’s world because she starts giving out more in her high-time. The problem is, she expects the same to get back to her. If it isn’t fulfilled, then she will look for solutions in others.

If they find solutions to their problems, both of them will start giving attention to those who’ve given them what they wanted. This results in a change of things to the worse case in their lives.

So, the only solution to it in the long term is, “being Monogamous and running a business together”.

The Absolute Business Model

No business person will be completely ready to bring their spouses abruptly into their business. This is due to the fear of them not understanding the model completely and that leading to failure.

That possibility happens if they aim to bring in their spouses straight to the owner’s chair.

There’s a clean way of bringing their partners on board and carry out a successful empire. That’s by understanding their spouse’s specialty and allotting them roles based on that.

In this way, if you are a Male, your spouse will come to know all your troubles even if you don’t open your mouth. A contradiction that helps a male is, unlike men, she won’t take advantage of masculinity. This helps him in getting his free time while getting the business and relationship going along smooth and butter.

If you are a female, likewise the contradictory behavior, he’ll try to take control often. This will help you in gaining your support physically and mentally. Seeing you get exhausted in real-time; you’ll get your pampering’s as well.

Through this way, your needs will be met and you’ll be stronger mentally to go greater heights.

Monogamy isn’t in human nature. But it’s a discipline that can be developed through senses. If that discipline is followed, there are no barriers for one to break.

P.S: You can bring in your spouse if they don’t have a separate passion or their passion is on the same line as yours. Unless understanding their psychology alone helps. Bringing them in won’t.