The Psychological Importance of Mother Tongue

Kishore Vishwa
5 min readJul 12, 2020
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

A cogitation of a Dominant Tongue

While the whole world had various reasons to get diversely differentiated, consciously and unconsciously, everyone was united through “Trade”. The dependency had developed gradually to a stage where being independent has become a myth unless one is a tribesman.

In this trade conquered world, the high power always lies in those who control it; And their principles would be considered higher by everyone. Slowly, it becomes the trend in the region and people would start to imply those rules in their life as well.

This is how every predominant language and culture was-routed/is-routing in every corner of the world (Earlier- English, Now- Chinese). As it brings money, helps in upgrading one’s life, secures one’s future, and helps in all sorts of betterment, people adapt to it, willfully.

This happens in compliance. For those who refuse to follow it, the principles are prosecuted.

Establishing one’s routine on another is a display of dominance, and that has happened throughout. Through capturing Land (classic method), and through capturing Economy (modern trend).

With extensive use of “Gun Powder” and strategic dealing, the Englishmen captured and established their tongue on almost everyone in the world.

A language doesn’t always come with letters and words; It carries Culture, Art, and History with it, every time. That’s why the colonizers first established their language than anything. As English had extended arms, it made the world to follow its rules, thus the world had united under it.

So, every dominant language (in that particular region) and its identities are followed over one’s ethnicity. The result- Total submission.

Prolong fight to acclimatize

As the dominating language has become a crackerjack (by having and acquiring the best), learning/knowing it would add weightage to one’s success. So, from the initial stages of learning to employment, the magisterial would always be preferred.

This process starts right from educating children in the school to carrying out a career based on that language. So, the medium of learning, the working environment, and the livelihood would turn its face into it, eventually. It leaves all the prospects of one’s mother tongue, and the cultural values and weightages to be in vain.

Even if an ongoing process (like a business) lacks such supply, there would always be thought around it and would be a plan to meet the demand if anything arises later.

The convenience to the advancement

If the world unites under one roof, everyone would be free to open their mind with others, and that could create a sense of closeness even to strangers.

This could result in a discrimination-free society and helps in creating the world a better place quick.

But what happens with the lost values of suppressed?

The tarnishing confidence of the gullible

The rush to triumph leave people with unbearable wounds behind. The problem is- most of the time, they were left unnoticed. This happens right from expressing in public to learning something new in the offshore.

This is making the world more accessible (only) to “Extroverts” by framing the new and culturing people as a noob and ignorant respectively; which would make them intimidating and impulsive to strive forward.

The scenario doesn’t leave even the creative minds in society. If someone from a skeptical background invented/discovered something, then (in most cases) proving its worth, and to get recognized has become a huge task for many people around the world.

From education to business, the thing which was thought as the life saviour was sucking the confidence out, and defaming one psychologically throughout. This is especially the plot when someone has to get to their roots (history).

Even the pros are suffering through lower confidence when they have to argue, debate, and even talk loud due to shaky foundations.

For example- If you take two sets of people from America and Greece, Americans could easily be defamed (mentally) in an argument/bully. Their confidence gets damaged more easily than Greeks. But the Greek’s can’t be defamed like an American, even though they are on their worst times in history.

Wondering why? Continue reading to find out.

Researches based on mother tongue

Most researches ever made were to find “How the brain functions with one’s mother tongue over other languages”. This led to the discovery of higher imagination, creativity, understanding better connections, and a large amount of grey-matter production.

Everything was made to determine better educational standards for children. For example- if a student has been studying in his/her mother tongue, then the result he/she produced would be much higher than those who chose some other languages.

Travelling from the roots would make one observe and process more with better connections. This helps one effectively in robust talking and higher creativity. Through this, a person gains confidence over time and helps him/her to break introvert blockades.

Based on these factors, one has a more psychological advantage.

The Psychological Protection from a Mother Tongue

The outcomes of Mother Tongue influenced learning and creativity would not only help in clearing introvert blockades but would be a confident supporting pillar in one’s growth.

All these advantages are possible for a kid which has been in the offshore since birth, but it would lack one main factor necessary to retain it every time- Ethnicity based History, and the feel of attachment.

Even if someone from the offshore learns all the other advantages on his/her own, the sense of attachment would only be those who had travelled it with for a long time. This might be with the colloquialism, cultural reference, inherited knowledge, and many more.

As it has an extensive history, it would help the person to stay positive and confident in his/her life. Even if a breakdown occurs, these would help them to revive sooner and better.

This is why an example was stated on Americans and Greeks earlier. Because people from America are not based on indigenous origin or culture (unless Red-Indians). That’s why their mother tongue (Spanish) was captivated by English. This reflects in their mentality as well.

So, even being in their greatest times, they could easily be mentally harassed and defamed incoherently. But that’s not possible with Greeks even in their worst times. Because they are from a very strong ethnic background which was instigated in them throughout. This will be in them and would support whenever they fall.

Every group (of humans) will have a history, and that history will carry Endurance, Stability, Pride, Heritage, and a lot more. All those can be retained in other forms, but that can be revived only through a sense of attachment; that attachment comes only by a regional collaboration.

Final thoughts

Language helps everyone to grow and unite under a single roof. But that comes from humans, and humans would always find reasons to discriminate (to show their superiority). Also, a grown society will always look for its roots.

To tackle those mentally and to revive all the gems in history, one should always know where he/she comes from. For all these cases their mother tongue will always have answers. Stick to it.