The Psychological effect of Quarantine one might go through

Kishore Vishwa
6 min readMay 10, 2020
Photo by Josh Hild from Pexels

The year 2020 was a dream to many. Many people and even countries have made it a destination to reach their goals. As a turn of events, since the start of the year, it has come up with tensed situations right from day 1, starting from outstretched war between Iran & America.

The virus has been there all the time, even before the time of the new year, growing like a child from birth, day after day, week after week, with a strong antipathy towards the whole world.

In 2019, no one would have expected it to be a global pandemic, even China (if it hadn’t been created by them). But it has become one, and surprisingly, it kept its growth inclined like a successful enterprise.

From International borders to Indoors, all have faced the situation in a matter of a month.

I remember the chat I had with my friend “this too (Corona’s epidemic) shall pass within weeks like other issues” at the end of January. It is May, and I’m still looking for those “weeks” to come.

What has been seen?

The scenes after the lockdown was initiated were/are completely new to the world. At least, to most of the people in the world. Whatever named as morals were never the same regarding human groups and working together. Everything started to seem insane.

No one would have expected their life to be treated like the movies. Social distancing, Self-isolation, Quarantine, and a lot other psychologically offended introvert terms started to make sense.

The world was Shutdown. At least, most of it. Those who had been adamant had to face serious consequences. It’s not their fault as well. Who had expected the money thirsty blood machines to get shut for a such a long time?

As a result, the world paused. Results- Pollution levels dropped, the earth became quiet, animals started to roam around free like we (people) have been trapped in a zoo.

What was not seen?

This is May 7th. We are nearly halfway through the pandemic. May be more or less than that. Through all those times since we were into quarantine, we might have seen weird things in front of our eyes and have experienced it. But how many of you could tell what sort of changes your mind has undergone? Especially when you are isolated with not many people around.

All those times, have you ever noticed that you had a weird recollection of your memories and the impacts of those incidents in thoughts and dreams?

If you have answered yes, then you don’t have to worry, because it is completely normal for a healthy human mind to recollect all the impacts of the past, especially the worst experiences.

This happens when the mind has been idle for a long time. Thoughts are inevitable, but the future for a short distance is well known- all would be staying inside- so the mind sticks to the peculiar thoughts of the past, mainly the dissenting ones.

How would everyone be coming out of quarantine?

Imagine yourself trapped in a tunnel. There are two possibilities to this situation:

1. You keep on trying to get out of it alive

2. You wait there until someone helps you to get out of it

After a short time, you came out now. Now imagine you came out through the 1st method. What would your thoughts be? How would you approach everything else? What sort of mentality you’d be in?

Think about it for a minute or two.

To all those questions you could have answered in a positive tone. Like, your thoughts would be great about yourself on accomplishing something. You’d face everything with a daring attitude. Your mentality would be like- Give me anything, I can face it.

Now imagine you came out through 2nd situation. Before getting out, you might have had 2 thoughts while you were inside it

1. The possibilities of your life once you get out of it.

2. How stupid you should have acted to get inside it.

1st one would fade away as soon as you get out of it. 2nd point’s impact would make you think like- you should be cautious, you should analyse the possibilities, you should be aware of the impacts of it, and more like that.

If it doesn’t sound like such a negative thing, then read that all once again. Because the thoughts portrayed are the effects of fear, negative emotions, and lack of bravery. If the impact of the tunnel had been deeper, then someone can’t get out of it for a very long time.

Of the 2 situations discussed, what would you think has made the difference?

If you have thought about “trying” to get the situation handled, then give yourself a round of applauds. Because knowingly or unknowingly, your brain keeps thinking about the positive sides of a problem.

Based on this mentality, not only the person involved, but those who depend on them and their possibilities were also judged.

Now, match the up-seen scenario with those who have been locked down by this quarantine.

How to avoid the negative impacts and bring in positive attitude for life?

The amount of exposure to all kinds of negative thoughts depends on the level of engagement one would go through in their daily activities. The level could be reduced even through watching programs, movies, games, and a lot more activities which would distract your mind from the present.

Those were the ways to evade the negative impacts of life. If you want to change all those bad memories and never wanted to face that of situation, then you had to undergo a simple practice.

You might have heard about actors who had locked themselves down for a month to incorporate to a role. The same practice is what you are going to do to change all the tiring emotions into a positive one.

The reason one had to lock down for a month is- It takes 21 days of training for someone to make something permanent in their mind. Rest of the days (of that month) are real-time practice sessions. Because it is impossible to do such character incarnation with a lot of noise and distractions from the real world.

You have to lock down specifically, and a month break in a single room is almost impossible for anyone to do it. Fortunately, we all were in those times, conditionally.

If the memories from the past were bothering you, then try to found the reason for that to happen. If you found out your proper weak point, then analyse the solution for that. Remember- it should be a positive solution.

In psychology, a thing is considered positive if it satisfies 3 rules:

1. It should be good for a particular individual.

2. It should do good to the family of that particular individual.

3. It should be good for the society of that individual.

The restart of the world

Everything we have known which was considered development in this world was shut-down. It was just several months, and the world has shown us how fast it could become better by:

  • Decreased pollution levels
  • Animals roaming around the streets
  • Understanding about what are essentials and what is not
  • A calm environment for every living organism is possible at any stage

Though coronavirus has tortured humankind like never before, we should be thankful for such useful realization and the warning bell that has given for pollution by humans.

While coming out, let’s all be physically and mentally prepared in a healthier way to face the world as such, and to live with it the fullest possible, with fewer litters.