The Outrageous Mate Selection

Kishore Vishwa
5 min readFeb 21, 2020

If you have doubts, or complexions with modern relationship ideas, kindly go through it, as it may help you in understanding the Laws of Nature in Mate selection

Though February has things like Shortest month and a four-year once attention, it is mainly noticed for one special day like Jan 1st. It is Feb 14th, Valentine’s Day.

Every year, the celebrations just keep increasing. The growth in value might be gradual, but the internet’s growth didn’t let that way and had made it exponential. Through that, it reaches every corner of the world and made even the strict religious countries like the Middle East to celebrate the day with considerable freedom.

The problem is- as the number of people celebrating Valentine’s is on the rise, so does the people getting away from their partner by breaking their relationships due to reasons like mismatch and more.

Being Loved and to Love is in nature. No one can stop it, and no one has the right to oppose it as well. Getting attracted and falling for someone is the rule of nature, but the rule is often mistaken and misleads by circumstances of one.

We are in a situation to reconsider this rule and teach modern generations about the ways and consequences of choosing their proper mate. Because people are doing it with a mistake, and unaware of the relationships and themselves in most cases, especially those who are breaking up.

This is the reason why they change their partner often. This is the case with most teens and young adults who are into relationships.

The mate selection that’s been carried

Having a partner is a fashion for ages. The internet just advertised it. As the product (Love) is being pushed, the users are tempted to test it even without knowing its worth.

Wherever people go, in one way or another, love catches their attention. This will urge anyone (who’s single) to look for a partner as the same formula (hormone drive) is working on them too.

The selection of a partner is highly influenced by external factors than internal factors. This acts as peer pressure in someone, and the results are evident in the society even in adolescence.

The external form factors which are seen as primary:

· Looks

· Insecurities

· Urgency to showcase

· Fictitious Entertaining mediums

· Parent’s embarrassment in teaching the morals

Looks don’t need any explanation. Everyone is fond of it. The basic form of attraction is often confused with love and obsessiveness. This is especially the case with teens.

Insecurities are more often the effects of being single for a long time. Those who think are not capable enough to get a partner ends up with whomever nodding.

The urgency to showcase is the direct effect of the peer pressure one faces. The stimulation caused by the surrounding environment will push anyone to vigorously search for a partner without analyzing much about them.

Fictitious Entertaining mediums are one of the major reasons for this problem. It is highly provoking this area without a piece of basic knowledge about the process of nature in choosing a mate

Parent’s Embarrassment in teaching should also be considered as the main factor for the immature relationship one undergoes. If this one step is keenly focused, most other factors can be greatly reduced.

To understand the nature and method for someone to look for a companion, they should first get the idea about the process being out in nature.

Nature’s Rule

In nature, sexual selection is a process carried out by Females. Thanks to Charles Darwin for his research and scientific proofs. Males are designed to attract females with their abilities like strength, beauty, and care.

If you take any organism, for example, only the male has a difference in its body like Horns, Mane, and plumage. Everything is used while the female is looking for a sexual partner.

If you take humans, the male’s body will be rough and strong compared to the females. This is to protect the females and the tribe from the external harmful factors. Whereas the females’ body will be soft and flexible (compared to the males) for giving birth.

While mating selection, the male will showcase its strength through fighting with other males, and the winner will be selected to accompany females. This rule applies to almost every living organism which has male and female differentiation.

Now keeping this in mind, let’s focus on the type of mate selection that suits current trend

The Mate Selection that has to be Carried

The laws of nature have changed in humans. Though males are being born with a comparatively tough body, the need for 10 men to push rock and an elephant to lift heavy are no more necessary. There are replacements for almost every human involved in bodywork.

All types of works are computerized, and anyone with an ability to think can do any work. Coming to safety, modern weapons and protections offered around the world by governments keep on increasing, which almost dries up the need for males in the modern world. So, what men have else to offer modern women?

The question has its answer in it. Modernity in thoughts. Since the physical needs are greatly reduced, it is time for women to look for a person who can take care of her mentally good. Also, instead of looking for a lover material, it is high time to look for a father material considering your future generations.

Even though a single mother or a single father can raise a kid, that won’t be a complete environment for the kid to grow up. Because men and women are different in terms of both anatomical and psychological factors. Unfortunately, these are the only types of genre in nature (even if it’s trans, it should end up to one of the above).

In every walk of life, one has to go through both the genders. So, a kid must know about both genders. This is the reason why kids raised by both parents will grow up being modest and understanding in nature than those raised by single parents.

Concluding that, mate selection should be redefined towards kids rather than for companionship that the partner can offer.