The Modern Food Culture

Kishore Vishwa
5 min readJan 16, 2020

The Starving Eye’s

The primary reason for every living organism to run every day is “Food.” Though other pleasures like Sex, Shelter, and Clothing are there, food becomes unconditional to do the rest in the list. Not just for humans but for every living organism in the world.

The nature of looking at food had a huge change. Thanks to the evolution of the internet and globalization, which is getting to its peak every day. Anything found anywhere in the world becomes global trend with a blink of an eye. This change in trend has its Influence in almost everything we come across.

Even the people far from the internet world and unreachable tribes have become a bait for the internet by lighting them as Tourist spot and bringing their Culture, and Sense, a Fashion. No matter what, everything will be on the radar of the internet.

Though the trend has its Influence in everything, touring and Adventure seeking entertaining activities combined with half baked google knowledge brought people more aware of the food from every corners of the world.

Getting the taste is secondary. The urge to try it out by the exploring mind is the main reason and it is the simplest way to kill time in all the outing ideas and leisure time funs. Understanding this mindset, each corner in the town (almost every town) are being opened with theme restaurants, adding to the thirst of humans.

The Insensitive Trails

This situation is mostly undergone by people unaware about the situation they are (put) in.

The Starving mind (for attraction) and closed views of the eyes will let people to try whatever they see. As the areas are filled with too many options, everything new seems delight to the eyes.

This led people to go for food irrespective of the place they came from and leaving no ideas about it like:

  • How it is grown in the place? (where it’s served), and what steps would it undergo while preparing in the destined location?
  • The amount and type of preservatives and colouring agents that are added to it.
  • What is the role of the food in its origin and the type of values it is originated with?
  • How the food is playing its role in the destination?

These could be the main factors to consider but no one doing it have any idea about these. So, they try it. Fell in love with the things that happening in the mouth and nose and keeps doing it without seconds thoughts.

The Internet Guru’s

Through the activities by explorations, people will put on weight, might feel not energetic to the task they are up to, and may develop complications within their body like digestive malfunctions and improper functioning of the body parts.

Some will find it difficult to gain weight. Many will easily put on weight but, reducing it, or maintaining in a weight is difficult and almost becomes impossible. People will often compare this situation to genetics. But the truth is different.

If you add food more than your body requires for your activity, the remaining unused will settle as the fat deposits.

If you are burning more calories than you are taking, you become lean no matter what you eat.

All the changes (physically and mentally) you face will lead you to look for solutions. In modern times, obviously, the first doctor (or advisor), Google.

Whenever someone surfs google for solutions, they would end up with posh terms they had never heard in their life earlier. In this case, terms like

  • Diet
  • Saturation
  • Veganism
  • Fibre, starch, etc

After going through all these, one would become sudden health guru and do their plans on diet like they are going to have a proper time table. Normally, one would doubt their health status if they check problems with google.

This status will put people to look for supplements through food through diet. This brings people to aware of foods rich in individual vitamins (especially imported fruits and vegies). No surprise, only imported things get marketed for business, obviously.

But what would someone know about their food and their lifestyle

What’s Food for one?

Food doesn’t act same on everyone. At least, the food will do its role only on the people from its origin. In nature, the food and the work people do in a region has direct influence. The culture and traditions in that region highly endorses the value the food contains.

People in the desert and the people in the plateau don’t engage with same type of activities thus, their food, and the end results of their food will have its differences (The difference is referred to climatic conditions, and the opportunities available with it).


  • People in the extreme conditions end up with meat of its kind. In cold climates, body requires heat and the food should prolong in stomach until next food which will not be immediate.
  • The same condition applies to the people in the desert, but the food should cool the body.
  • People in the plateau will end up doing more activities. So, their main courses will be lite and their meat activities will not be regular.

As the locations, food like Rain deer, Camel, and Mutton (often veggies in this region) does its purpose by being lite and heavy according to their locations.

This practise (of depending on meat) was later dethroned by trade with access to more cereals and vegetables (for more activity related works as this will be lite for the body). Through this process, everybody had had their foods depending on the location and the work they did.

While doing this, their body had a pace (with the nature), ending up with no side effects and unhygienic is a thing which disturbs regular activities.

Compare this type of scenario with today’s time table of one.

The Contradicting Contemporary

Like we see in the beginning, all the concept related practices were left out and all trial versions are carried out. This type of mindset leads one to go for a high protein non-veg meal (of course for taste) often whereas their work mostly be, sit and get the job done.

This type of intake for the work will store more food in the body as deposits. So, you’ll getting more than what you need. Resulting in body weight increase and digestive problems and the vice-versa for decrease in body weight (due to low intake food than requirement).

So, instead of just looking at supplements for the deficit vitamins, do search for the alternative in your region with the same fulfilment. Finding those are easy and for the best case you can get:

  • High activity
  • Food of your style (as this maintains body weight too)
  • Higher confidence
  • And most importantly, you save a lot of Money!