The Importance of night sleep and bathing early

Kishore Vishwa
5 min readMar 16, 2020

The (Change in) Concept of Sleep & Night

“Night hours are the best time to do creative works”, “Nocturnal is my kind”, “Dormanting in the nights is the least priority to consider with works”, “Minimal rest is fine” and many similar thoughts are shared by working and new-age business people who are in their rush to their goals aiming Sustainability and Extravagance.

These people will always have a deficient time to get their job done. If one task gets completed, they will push themselves to the next, and continue running. To get the job done, they will try to utilize the time awake as much as possible running behind deadlines.

With this mentality (growing), and the equivalent current powering the night like a day, nights are no longer seen for (just) sleeping rather an extended portion of the day to grab what was missed in the daytime. Reasoning this causes a surge in Night parties, Hangouts, Dinners (often), and more time being nighthawk.

As the people are becoming habitat of night owls, the presumptive behavior’s aftereffects are increasing too. To understand this statement clear, one needs to understand “what’s happening in sleep?”

What’s happening in sleep?

To elucidate the concept of sleep, let’s go from the moment someone starts sleeping.

The moment you start to be attentive to your thoughts from closing your eyes, your breath slows down. Your consciousness about the surrounding starts to matter less — you (your body) observes the least possible while you are alive.

Thoughts will pop up based on what you have seen and thought about while you are awake, which matters the most. Thoughts rolling here constitutes the initial stages of dreams. This state of sleep is called REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

After 5–10 mins of REM, your mind starts to slow down along the speed of complete mechanisms of the body. Here, as your thoughts started to slow down, it will pick up the fragments from your subconscious. This subconscious restoration is made possible through the Alpha Wavelength (which is common for all in this stage). This stage of sleep is called NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep.

NREM will last about 90 mins (max). During this stage, the Pineal gland will secrete Melatonin which induces the sleep by maintaining the Circadian Rhythm responsible for the brain to slow down its actions completely. The only function the body will do is — breathing, and carrying out blood circulation, as every other action is turned off, culminating in oxygenation of cells and cellular repair on damages.

People in this stage are similar to the people in coma except for a fact — they will respond if this stage gets interrupted.

The Average Sleeping Time Required is defined by the time consumed by the body for complete replenishment by cellular repair and regeneration. On average, a person needs 6–8 hrs of sleep for the process to get done. But this can be modulated through foods and lifestyle changes.

If your food/lifestyle ends up delivering you oxygen in rich amounts (which is necessary for the cellular repair and regeneration), the time required by the body to do while sleeping gets fairly reduced. This is the reason why uncooked and semi-cooked fruits and green eaters have deprived sleeping time as the necessity gets satisfied.

When the pineal gland stops its functions in the daytime (through a sense in pressure variation and light), the body will resume the functions like metabolism and other attentive activities. This will make the brain to be back in thoughts as well, resulting in dreams in the final stages of sleep (this is what people remember after getting up).

The science behind getting up early is discussed in this link

The necessity of sleep

Sleeping is mandatory in all organisms. To understand its necessity, consider a machine for an example. For every machine, there will be a time determined. If it reaches the threshold, the machine needs to be cooled down else, the machine will start to malfunction by the heat and dust/waste it has produced, or it will consume more energy.

The same principle is followed in the body. Here, the threshold is set through Circadian and Diurnal rhythm based on the systemic clock of the sun. If people involved in a deprived sleeping rate, their body starts to malfunction.

Why someone should sleep at night?

As said, the sleep-factor only deals with refreshments and replenishments, one can think about sleeping in the day for the average time mentioned. But they have to understand one more fact that, the hormone responsible for inducing deep sleep and calming down the body (Melatonin) will not be secreted in a daytime.

Pineal gland triggers sleep by the secretion of Melatonin only at the absence of photons (light) in the retina. In the daytime, the Sunlight will act as a barrier for melatonin secretion even when the eyelids are closed. The same effect will be seen with people who are into their gadgets before sleep, as the Blue light (containing photons) emitted from the screen will be there at the retina. So, even if a person sleeps, it won’t allow their body to secrete melatonin.

This is the reason why everyone should sleep in the night (should try to sleep in the Darkest room possible). Also, they should avoid using gadgets in bare eyes before heading bed.

The human body needs melatonin for proper sleep and proper functioning of the body. If this need isn’t meted, in the long run, the body will start to bring up worst side effects, in human terms — Cancer.

The Necessity of Morning Bath

Like the concept of sleep, one more thing which gets utterly diverted from its core concept that should happen in the morning is “Bathing”.

Anyone who is up in the morning could notice 2 things:

  1. The hot air released from the body (either through burp or fart)
  2. Slothfulness for the body parts to get stretched

Both happen as the effects of sleep.

1st is by the metabolism that happened in the intestines. The heat and other gases produced inside the body through digestion will be liberated after the brain senses the presence of it from waking up. 2nd is by the slower recovery of the brain on resuming its activities.

If the body has gone through replenishment (in a good night’s sleep), the repaired cells and dead cells shed will remain in the body along with gas particles produced while regeneration. This can be sensed by anyone who is up early, and concentrate on their body where they can feel the heat as a soda gas.

This gas particles trapped inside the cells can be eliminated if contacted with water. Because the chill water relaxes the muscle and loosens up the pores in the body. This is the reason why everyone is asked to drink water in an empty stomach and cleanse their body in the shower right after they woke up.

To erode the dirt from the body, one has to get a bath right before their supper. The morning bath is only for the refreshment of the body.

So, make your sleeping and bathing patterns on point to keep your day fresh until dusk, and forever.

Credits- Dr. Naveeth Rizwan