Right-wing Dominion!

Kishore Vishwa
5 min readNov 17, 2022

Marry Miller’s “Victory for White Life” campaign speech on Roe v. Wade overturned and enkindled the crux addressed here.

As a psychology pupil, I couldn’t withstand her perennial voice (wondering how a person could be such an idiot!). Then stands a man behind her — okay, a valid reason. But a crowd backing them up is where the matter gets serious.

Trump, while a president, has addressed Racism & other feudalist thoughts in public, supporting it! Though he reaped criticism, support poured-in in equal quantity (he nearly got 50% of the vote).

The clown image was on global opinion and trolls, but what’s making the rest of the world different? Brazil, England, Hungary, Russia, China, India, and what not? All have been on the right-wing dominion (maybe stupidity is contagious).

Like wealth (1% of population controls >95% of global wealth) may be education & awareness collides with similar values.

We can’t blindly accept that because people tend to change with facts. So, projecting it is necessary.

We all are educated in our schools properly to choose the right way, yet, how come we turn our sides later? That implies how much we remember those while growing old & the imposed circumstances.

Education & self-doubt



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