Complications of Work-from-home & Home-education

Kishore Vishwa
6 min readOct 1, 2020


Image by Anrita1705 from Pixabay

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back”- quotes of this kind might face changes soon. With all the alterations and evolutions seen, it is now time for a next up-gradation/transformation that humans are about to see.

The times are altering the necessities of human progression and severely challenging the psychological needs, which in turn favours one gender at tremendous health (obviously, females).

Work-from-home and home-education (through online classes) might seem simple. It also has enormous advantages in the environment through

  • Reduced pollution
  • Reduced inflation over reduced expenditure
  • Exceptional savings
  • Helps in avoiding unnecessary crankiness and stress, & a lot more.

It even questions the requirement of people clusters in metro cities for development; which was the main reason for exploitation and the starting point of environmental pollution on a larger scale.

It has positive impacts everywhere; but if we could outline only positives, then we had to go through the life of people in it to explore the negatives.

The wizard changes in life

If you look at your life — from your unwilling alarm waking up to a longing night’s sleep, all of a sudden everything has undergone an incredible change. Some changes may even be irreversible. The reason for all this — a germ that can not even be seen with the naked eye.

Regardless of the opportunities that sunk, those who’re still holding one are facing ease in their living environment.

Since one opens their eyes, no mornings could have been this much supportive, as it has

  • no rush to get ready
  • no need to skip breakfasts
  • no need to stress yourself in traffic and pollution even before starting your day
  • no need to return home exhausted
  • no need to allot times to be with family

These are common factors applicable to people working from home, and school children, as both set of people merely have a similar routine.

It would be a surreal moment for those who’re having tough times with medical complications, and children’s possessive mothers; where their health is taken care through proper sleep, proper diet, and a comfortable learning/earning environment.

All the inconvenient thoughts about health and family might fade away, but it comes with a cost of losing values and quality.

The obvious problems

To start with children:

  1. Modern schools offer better non-boring surroundings than before, yet, children will have some conditions and implied strictness in them; which might help them learn better than any house ambience.
  2. The familiarity of teachers in their subjects with live interactions and examples could cause better impacts in learning and grasping the concepts to explore more.
  3. The boredom that might hit them if they were supposed to be in the house for a long time.

Complications in work-from-home often not differ much from home-education, where just the age group differ. Keeping that factor in mind, a WFH adult could go through:

  1. Conserve surrounding, where they have to face the complications in work, and house chores together.
  2. Even the smallest of discussions and doubt clarifications require appointments and procedures, when learning, and teaming up would be distanced.

These problems are universal. These are visible to all those who do a basic overview of the system and preparing for the future.

Also, passionate people will find ways to clear these obstacles, and the guidance from them will soon be available. This situation helps to find passionate people from the rest, as the passionate one will find ways to pursue more, and rest would try to escape more.

Behindhand, other worst-case scenarios could unshapen the mental structure developed so far.

Unseeable long-term effects of Home-schooling & WFH

Would you accept? If I tell you- home-schooling, and WFH culture can shake the human evolution (especially males’) if it continued to exist for a decade or two. If you had nodded to say “No”, then go through the rest of the article with an open mind to analyse.

As the world is turning to settle down inside 4-walls, every thought to every problem would become self-centred; while everything has been taken care of with solipsism, social behaviour would soon become chaos.

Starting with children- though they may have the best place to relax and learn at the same time, it will be like a ship parked in a berth or a luxurious sports car driven only in an empty field. Despite having everything, the thing would not value the money spent; because they were not in a place where it was destined to be, irrespective of having everything.

Likewise, in contempt of providing all the amenities, the children’s mind and abilities would not have enough tolerance and social thoughts, because of indigent exposure, and observing only a closed group of people.

They would never undergo through social values such as giving, suffering, betrayal, backing-up, and a lot more, which would develop strength for older life, and are the essentials for a healthy developing soul.

Here, ideas and views about the external world would become redundant, if it didn’t serve any returns. Lesser the exposure = Lower the understanding.

Coming to WFH adults- In addition to development like children, even the survival of a WFH adult would be challenged, because the work can’t be taken for granted, as the output value might be lost over time.

This is mainly a concern for average and below-average workers, as their efficiency is often extracted through peer-pressured environment and inspirations (sometimes push). It would harden the experience for new learners and self-learning individuals.

In the long run, WFH and Homeschooling would cause:

- Teaming up, and other social interactions (for growth, and other learning activities) a super-extrovert task.

- Demand special attention to doubt clarifications and idea-sharing. Those who’re struggling with it might suffer inferior complexities in the long run.

- Diverse thinking and social responsibilities would become questionable.

- Despite being a supportive environment for females, that would suffocate a male, as the hunting genomes would rush them for explorations.

- Increased complexions in families as they have to face each other 24*7, without a timestamp to escape and think.

In short- the work environment which has been in favour for males all the time would turn to a female-centric one, but with a greater defect imprinting in males. As it supports self-sufficiency more, the rush to develop would be reduced.

All these might seem escapable, but in the long run, especially with a growing community (children), this would shake the foundation that has developed so far.

Remedies & thoughts:

All the Educational centres and work environment would soon return to normal at the signs of pandemic’s full-stop. But those who’re willing to carry the new normal for the rest of your lives (especially parents with school children), ask yourself- would you want to become the citizens of the world? Or want to be a narcissistic primitive?

None knows till how long the world has to go through the pandemic. Every day, we might dwell in the unsocialized sophistication, and soon might develop hazardous characteristic changes.

To avoid all those, simply practise being in as many social interactions as possible (with proper protections, or after pandemic). Remember- 55% of a conversation is carried out through body language; that could be properly absorbed, or transferred only through live interactions.

To succeed, you have to fail. To fail, you have to try. To try, you have to have an opportunity. Creating opportunities are within you. So, create your opportunities to win, and bring in values into your life.