Mood out? Turn the Keys ON!

Kishore Vishwa
6 min readFeb 5, 2019

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“Whenever you are in need of a different perspective, get to a new place. Which will bring a new way to approach things!” I didn’t understand that earlier. This idea about a small ride brought me to that experience.

She won’t stand in front of her house quite often. Surprisingly, she did that day!
My inner self thrived for a conversation just to hear her voice. But my pounding heart was out of breath and the mind went blank about the topic to start, followed by the hormones which pumped me to pass her soon leaving a smile to her face. Just before my inability striking me hard, I heard her voice!

I’m 100% sure that, she unfolds her voice to me! I couldn’t believe, that, genie granted me my wish so early! Her soothing voice was so much close to the sounds of sparrows singing in the uplifting sun straight above her head in the trench.

I couldn’t frame the phrase in my mind. Those words made me to ask her “what?” in a blushing tone turning towards her, switching off all my consciousness.

“Morning Walk?” that bird asked me a question in her singing voice!

“Yeah! Can’t sleep when the sun is up so, roaming” my blushing tone replied.

That answer just gave her a smile. Before the conversation starts to pick up, the “onion wala” increased his recorded voice with a freaking horn straight below my room’s window. Those high decibels directly entered my eardrum, which is high enough to wake me up!

Yes! I was sleeping. It was a Sunday. Previous day’s work which ended above 11 in the night gave me that tight sleep. The clock ticked 10:40 AM. That scene made me to remember my line in the dream “Can’t sleep when the sun is up”. This changed my smile about the dream into a slight laugh.

Some incomplete feeling about the dream and the hectic days of work made me to lie down for some time. It’s almost half an hour stay with blank mind having no idea what I’m going to do for the rest of day!

Then slowly thoughts rolled, scenes passed and pressure built. My mind was becoming a pressure cooker at that time! With all the plans of spending the Sunday hangouts dropped aside, I thought to bring a solution to my problems by getting me time Sunday.
Breakfast became my lunch @12:10 completing all those freshen up procedures. Those oily “poori and potato kurma” combination brought even drowsier Sunday and made me to go for a nap! (Sleepy head)

That nap took longer than usual consuming 4 hrs.! Now, my mobile took charge of waking me up by the message alert. It was drizzling outside. Quite often! I love to ride in the rain especially with my gears on!

First things first, have to fill up my stomach with some hot chicken chilies! Now to plan whether to think about bringing in a solution or to go for a ride. All of a sudden, idea bulb blew! “Why not combine both?”

It’s almost 7 in the evening. Those drizzle were suspended on that time! My desire to ride pushed me hard. With all the riding gears I turned my ignition ON!

When you plan for sudden ride, you really won’t have any idea where to hit! Same thing struck me too! Then, looked at the bike, it was a Royal Enfield Thunderbird. These are specifically designed for highway cruising. So, it’s Coimbatore-Avinashi highway then (the nearest one to me).

After hitting the highway, passing all the dungeon city roads and traffic, I’m in a relaxed position without any stress in my body (thanks to the design of the Thunderbird).

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey. — Fitzhugh Mullan

The drizzle resumed even before I’m about to hit the highway. It took me to get to the highway to feel the smoothness of the journey. The soother wind with the touch of rain drops made me to feel the wind even more soothing…

I wished to continue that ride for some 1000kms stretch! Then, mind said, you have to catch the pending work for tomorrow! So, controlling my thoughts I decided to ride for a place where it should feel like, I’m going sit and think here.

It was a complete slow-motion. Just after few 100 yards (0.09 km) of hitting the highway, changed the gear to 5 th, the speedometer shows somewhere between 70 & 80 (I hope it’s 75). There are no nearby vehicles for some time. It’s just me, my rumbling bike conversing with the road and wind! The semi-opened helmet lets the chill breeze to blow in my eardrum in its own language. I didn’t understand what it is trying to say but, one thing is for sure, it is here to made my day! So, lift the helmet up letting my eyes and hair joining the conversation! (don’t take off your helmets, it’s not advisable)

Whenever I passed a lorry or when a car passes me, the blow it gives shook my hair a bit. It was like, the wind is singing lullaby for me! (a melody composed by Ilayaraja and ARR together). The vibration of the roaring engine is felt only in the handlebars (that too, minimum with the gloves ON). If there’s no vibration I might not have the feel of riding.

The feel I had is like, Wherever I see, it’s for me. The road, it’s laid for me to ride. The Rain, it’s here to soother me. The plants, it’s planted for me to wave me a “Hi”. The world is here for me to live (of course, it’s for you in your eyes. Just try to have that feeling once in a while to gain a boost of positive dose).

I haven’t sat somewhere to think, not yet found the solution to my problems. But now I have the courage to face all those just by acquiring the positive dose.

While this gate of positivism being opened, another gate is welcoming me by asking me to have a seat there!
I have reached “ Karumathampatti “. It was an inclination to a bridge! Lit with lamps in both sides of the road. It was lonely! There’s no need for that walkers standby in there. But there is one! (again, thoughts rolled like, it’s for you).

Center stand with center indicators ON and engine Off for some time! The loneliness and chillness added as a special guest in that occasion. You can’t think about anything apart from enjoying sitting in such a place! When I removed the gloves and combed my hair, it was a bit wet. It reminds about the green fields with grass containing droplets of water glowing in the sun. I wanted to sit there just for the sake of sitting there!

I was not thinking about anything for few minutes. The loneliness kept me that way. Then, slowly my attention turned towards the vehicles flying for reasons of its own! Those raised questions in me like:
Why it should do it?
What’s the purpose of it?
What if it stops running?
Who will take care the role of it? If it was replaced!
Including a small joke-> while people are cursing about the hike in petrol price (which was close to 90/litter) there I saw a poster on a petrol pump having our prime minister with a quote “We will take care of your miseries” (I sincerely don’t know what it’s trying to say).

After a short smiley laugh, things that I wondered about those vehicles begin to make sense comparing with my life. I didn’t find any solutions, neither found a way to approach those! But, acquired courage to face those (finally realized, that’s the way to solve our problems).

With a happy tone, my loneliness continued there for some more time. I realized I’m going to spend a lot of nights sitting there. May be with an ice-cream if possible!

When the clouds cleared and clocks ticked 2:40 AM, it’s time for me to get home. Without my full interest I started my bike.
I wanted my night and the ride to be a non-ending one but, every start must have an end!
Just like that, this journey had its end!

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