Life’s tweedy way of Discrimination

Kishore Vishwa
5 min readJun 25, 2020
Image by S B from Pixabay

Discrimination is an inbound human nature in almost all humans, from every corner of the world. In the western world- Black & White; In the east- Classification based on birth (caste), religion, and region; In the Middle East- Men & Women.

From public behaviour’s like touching and speaking in a regular tone to giving/accepting orders to/from the highest authorities, bigotry is always carried on in one form or another, from both supremacist and browbeaten.

In everyone’s mind, an oppressed one’s image was strongly framed on doing sub-standard activities; that if something has to be done, then the priority will be on them even if they’re not interested.

This leads to hate, and other inhumane activities on the oppressed in the long run. Often, those activities will be warned. And in some extreme cases, protests happen to offend/defend.

While the whole world is conflicting with these thoughts blindly, we have to understand a fact- something's (like discrimination) are predefined, unfortunately. But healthily (in most cases).

For example- If you see someone opposite to your nature (Physically or characteristically), then you’ll have the urge to watch their behaviour, attitude, and everything noticeable, irresistibly. This is not to omit, but to accept and learn from them. That’s the law of attraction (in nature) and not hate, or attention-grabbing.

If this is animality, then how hate and other inhumane things happening?

The Principles’ of nature

All the intolerance and the inequalities in the world are based on just one factor- The fear of outsiders.

It is common in almost all (moving) living organisms from a small group to a horde. In a troop of monkeys, not only a predator like a lion, tiger, or a human is afraid of, but a monkey that doesn’t belong to that group is also offended.

This is due to In-group Out-group psychological classifications; where every outsider (in appearance and characteristics) will be seen as a competitor or a threat. This classification works distinctively with Males and Females.

Male’s classification- A male must expand (by giving birth), and to protect the group from threats. Not all males do this. Only the leader. If any other male decides to mate, then it has to fight with the leader. Winner leads. Loser sublimes, or dies. This is why males are lesser than females in a group.

The larger number of females attract other males. So, when a male from outside comes, it’ll fight with the leader to prove its strength. This is why males offend outsiders. In contradictory to this attitude, a male protects even the outsiders if those sublime.

Female’s classification- A female must mate with the strongest male (the winner), and to produce healthy off-springs. It sees an outsider as a threat only if the outsider is harmful to the kids it produced. Else it won’t offend like a male.

If the outsider wins the existing leader, females will mate without obligations (so the strongest can protect).

Humans fight for the same reasons too. Here, the classifications are based on Appearance, Region, Culture, Ethnicity, and more.

Indelible superiority complex

As seen, the discriminations should only be associated with out-group members. But no living organisms would settle for a single leader in their entire life even from in-group; especially males. Every male would try to prove its strength now and then (within, and apart from the group).

Because the superiority complex is a common factor in males. So, it will try to fight, lead, and mate (to establish its strength) continuously over time. This will be exhibited irrespective of the group.

With females, this mentality will be exhibited when it comes to their kids. They will try to make their kids be the best.

The urge will always be there in every living organism. This is the reason for all evolutionary things to take place. If this is nature’s way, then what sort of things will happen in the (human) society?

Live impacts

Brawniness can’t be controlled. As long as male exists (in every form), it will show its nature to take over. That’s the purpose of that gender in the first place. But this factor has to be concerned with people who might breakdown and feel inferior every time after a defeat.

“Survival of the fittest” is the law of nature. Dominating, or suffering a defeat is not anyone’s fault. Strong lives get back and fight hard. But the competition should be carried out in nature’s way as well.

Humans are the only species on earth who’re against this nature. Here, someone is eligible to compete only if they don’t come under the discriminated category. All have to win a competition even before the competition starts.

These are traits of incompetent humans who’re afraid of losing their place to outsiders. So, they would try to stop anyone from accessing their place in the name of ethnicity, culture, and whatever the name that helps.

If the chances were given to everyone irrespective of the fanaticism, then humans might live peacefully and stronger than never before (due to migrating opportunities). But in most cases, they were stopped regardless of the talent they possess.

These things will suppress people who’re highly eligible to bring this world to a better place to misguided places; putting them in the wrong side doing non-parliamentary actions. If these actions left unseen, then the consequences of it will lead to a high number of nepotism cases, and greater numbers of discrimination cases in future like what has had happened to George Floyd in America.

So, what’s the solution?

The Dawn to discriminations

All those fanaticism were initially framed by men to match their incompetence; but what made females get going with those? Females mindset were not associated with those, yet, they agreed to it through “Learned Acceptance”.

Throwing away what we have learned abruptly, and learning to live with new facts overnight is impossible. So, with reduced emotion towards discriminations, we have to bring the learning generation to bigotry-free society through 2 processes:

1. Building dependent networks

2. Learned acceptance

Kids (learning) should be put on dependent networks continuously to clear their mind from catching up the prejudice thoughts on discriminations

Through this, learned acceptance will eventually be built in the kids. Also, those who’ve learnt the discrimination through this should reverse engineer the exact process slowly by reading and analysing the laws of nature.


Through these steps, within a decade or two, the human race would eventually get out of all man-made mindful disasters and could bring this world to a better place.

Humans are the most evolved species on earth. That’s why we have conquered earth over every other organism. We were Alphas’. Now it is time to behave like one.