Women must give-up on Glamour for Empowerment, esp in Media

Kishore Vishwa
5 min readNov 30, 2020

Glamour maybe the most attentive of all known expressions, but, it’s the weakest of all.

Image by Kei Rothblack from Pixabay

From the smallest of bit-notices to biggest of banners, if immediate attention is required, then glamour would be the preferred choice in every visual format.

Irrespective of gender, a glamorous picture could grab multiple numbers of eyes even at undesired places.

Also, whenever someone thinks about the word “Glamour”, then the first of things that comes to their mind would be an attractive female with nourished breasts. There could be other pictures, but a dame’s sight would be definitely there on their list. (P.S- you don’t have to feel guilty if you thought so, because it’s not absolutely your fault).

Every word is associated with a picture, and the most viewed/talked image pops no-matter-what when a similar sound is absorbed, that’s why a dame with nourished breasts arrive as it is carried from the beginning of picturization.

Contemporary complexions with Dress Style

The evolution of dress sense was originated from the type of work people did in their region, the climatic conditions in that location, and the value people could afford to it.

That phylogeny continued to change by the level of trade in that region. More the exposure, more the comparison, and resulted in the most convenient types for survival. This made the originated sense classified as occasional/ethnic wears.

Instead of staying with convenience, studies and research about the scientific attraction of a human body (especially females) made the creators and designers dress a tool of captivation, and promoting a female’s meniscus in every way possible.

(The role of glamour in nature should be exposed to understand the attraction behind a female’s curves)

The science behind the glamour, and attention-grabbing

In every existing animal breed, there’s something known as “mating season”, in that, the attracting one’s exhibit character, and behavioral changes to attract the opposite gender.

Those were the “Key features”, and it varies from one species to another depending on the mode of survival they exhibit.

(To understand aforementioned clearly, I’d highly recommend you to go through the link)

In humans, there are no such specific seasons due to a wide range of climatic and habitual diversity, unlike any other species. To overcome this complication and to keep the breeding process steady, nature brought the “Key” feature of attraction as tempting as possible all the time.

In humans, the “key feature” is associated with giving birth (a wide hip/waist/butt) and feeding (nourished breasts).

The responsibility of attraction (to reproduce) lies in females’, in humans. That’s why people from teenage to post the 40s are clinging on to it the most, and above that age group are neglecting, mostly.

Henceforth, to attract males’, parts that would do the job are highly exposed, and that trend has been retained through all sorts of evolution.

Perceptions about Glamour (why glamour remains?)

The views about the allurement are not the same, and there are various reasons behind and are classified into three.

Males’ psychology: From the laws of nature, it will be used to analyze whether the female is a potential mother (holding the requirements). The level of attraction increases based on her potentiality.

Females’ psychology: A female’s attention was grabbed to get comparatively better. She’ll either get inspired or impress/motivate others, psychologically.

A capitalist’s perception: Apart from the laws of nature, it is one of the primary reasons why glamour is carried all along. As it is a universal attention factor, and a never-ending thirst, it will always have its scope until humanity survives.

The psychology behind showing skin

There have been both positive and negative thoughts reign over glamour.

Positives are- Attraction, attentiveness, an advantage over others, preferences, and much more (mainly) from males.

Negatives are- On most cases, it is associated with the culture with provoked thoughts, uneasiness, and an ample amount of degraded confidence in the long-run.

It would slightly be an awkward thing to read, but the fact is- it comes with a lot of negatives over positives, mainly by those who’re into it.

A girl realizes her body and its abilities much sooner than a boy and would be more conscious about it after puberty (as the eyes would start prying her).

Through this subconscious awareness, and a few incidents which kept her in the spotlight (through glamour) would be the initiating point for a female to choose glamour in her life.

Unfortunately, this attitude would be kept by those, who were unsure about their ability to hold the spotlight otherwise.

Yes, you’ve read it right. Women who’re using glamour are insecure and feeling inferior.

The Weak Mentality of Glamour

Imagine an actress, who’s into endorsements of various products.

Now, imagine the same actor as doing an administrative role in a movie, and compare both of your imaginations side-by-side.

I bet; you have imagined the same lady in different attires. In 1st, she might have exposed her body quite a bit, and in the 2nd, it would be the opposite. Wondering why?

Because a lady in the 2nd position doesn’t require any confirmation of respect, priority, and attention from outside. It is secured, and it can’t be easily taken away.

But those are not the case in 1st, because even after securing respect, priority, and attention through her hard work and dedication, it is not secured. It could be easily taken away, or be replaced.

The expressing mentality is the law of nature. Apart from that, if a woman still subscribes to exposing, maybe she wants the eyes to be pinned on her which were relied on fading opportunities.

Effects of glamour in society

There have been setbacks in the society through glamour in both genders.

In males, it is causing disturbances and trauma in those who’re not accessible to a woman legally. Also, men in this mentality, and mentally weak to surpass this trauma are the reasons for harassment and other crimes against women.

Though they’re the only culprits to be accused, there has been a hidden pressure psychologically from females who had subscribed glamour.

In females, alongside the disturbances caused by men (through glamour), the environment is being made highly complex to those who want to achieve in a similar field (visual mediums).

Apart from being weak (mentally), there have been a lot of negative imprints made by glamour in society.

This doesn’t mean they should subscribe to hijab all the time, if they want to use glamour at a point, then they have to ask one question to themselves:

Are they using it from the weak mentalities described above?

If yes, then that had to be stopped, else, the show could go ahead!