A Message to learn from 2020 United State’s Polls

The Blue may have won, but the Red will retaliate and would get suppressed again.

Kishore Vishwa
6 min readDec 18, 2020
Image by Please Don’t sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay

Biden taking over Trump is the current hot topic around the world. It is not unexpected, as predictions and pre-election studies have already stated the same.

Also, Biden recorded the highest number of votes ever in American history. On the other hand, surprisingly, Trump recorded almost 75 million votes being a runner. He narrowly lost his power in several states, and he received nearly 10 million more votes than in the previous victory.

If Trump had been the man — of controversial claims, non-diplomatic approaches, and with proactive right-wing thoughts, how he had managed to get more supporting hands than before?

There were strong voices that openly opposed him, yet, many voices supported him silently. There is obscure diplomacy behind it apart from his Tax-policies and America-first slogans, and this situation is not just in America.

The Right-wing’s surge

Including America, every nation in the world is facing a similar situation, and it is evident from their recent election results. The self-centric right-wing thoughts are on the rise where capitalization is valued more than human values.

It may be China, Russia, India, or Brazil (P.S — Not mentioned as a prevailing trend but a recent trend).

If you look for a preparatory, you could recognize that the right-wing mentality is prevailing among humans; and concealed by morals and ethics.

As technology advances, sharing opinions (via social media) has become simple. The system also provided space for disruptive comments (as personal comments) in the community. Besides, the ideas so spoken have been brought to the level of acceptance, and considered usual, suppressing the ethics and morals through continuous usages.

It is how right-wing ideas came into circulation, and they have grown recently. Such thoughts would have seen this stage even without the technology, but it may have taken time; Technology acted as a catalyst for such rapid changes.

The surge of any mentality is not a problem until it demands the suppression of other ideologies. In that form factor, right-wing is an issue.

The initiating psychological point of this mentality

“Every change starts and ends with us” — unknown.

The proverb may have a character to it but, the push towards the change originates in the house, especially from those who take care of us (primarily).

In addition to it, we will interpret the character and behavior of those who raise us. It has a direct connection to what type of humans we would become in the future and the ideologies we choose to survive.

Houses are of similar structures globally. No matter whether the woman in the house is working or not, she has to take the responsibility of doing the house, as well as raising the kid. Men who are doing that will be low in numbers.

Classifying the parenthood — Naturally, men have a daring attitude in them (interpreted through evolution, which helped them from hunting to battling). After becoming a father, he’d consider himself as a hero (protector) of his kid, and he would do anything within his limit to retain that image.

A kid growing under such circumstance would dare to do anything; because that would be his/her usual attitude.

Coming to women — they naturally have a caring attitude in them (to nurture their off-springs). Unlike men, she won’t go out and fight; on the contrary, she stays with her children and cares for them through preservation.

Men and Women have their differences to find themselves a meaning in their life.

Men can’t anatomically produce anything like women (she reproduces). So, men will always be in a hunt for something — to bring meaning and justice to their life. If they had invented something, then that’s valued more than their life. It is how they develop a daring attitude.

As women reproduce, she would get more attached to the kid, as her kid is her invention, and the bond is physical. So, her thirst for inventing would be dropped there and turned to preserve the kid with love. It is why they develop a preserving attitude over a daring one.

The aspect of acupuncture changes to suit parents who have more control over the child.

The cuffs that women were on

The freedom of expression, opportunities to excel are new to women; they got everything through years of struggle and fight in the last 50 years (still fighting in many parts of the world). It was tough for women as they had to depend on men for everything.

Being reliant and psychologically preserving than daring, women in the past suffered severe trauma to survive and imprinted that attitude on their children for generations.

Reasons for the Surge

Children from this background would have a hard time facing challenges and would be more preserving than daring. Without the audacious attitude, they won’t risk anything, and they will live with what they have; Because they are not afraid of the consequences of change but the change itself.

So, if someone guarantees their ethnicity, that someone will be treated as an alpha by the children of this background.

Now, we are facing a right-wing surge due to the last 50 years of equality thoughts; It questions their current process of survival (as it demands a culture change).

The Hand-cuffed Revolutions & the possible future

The great revolutions in history took place even after the development of the oppressed and repressed generations. If you were looking for a starting point again, that too would have been made possible by women.

{Feeling confused?

Don’t worry; the common man will go through this stage while understanding women. How could you and I escape?}

The woman tolerates the oppression inflicted on herself and unknowingly passes it on to her children as well; But she will never allow her children to be subdued and grow up in front of her eyes. If she has seen so, she will use all her power to change it and provoke her opposition.

It is the reason why there were revolutions once in every 100 years. Strong women create strong men, who turn out to be oppressing women of their generation and creating weaker successors. Those weak successor’s women recreate strong men through revolutions.

This cycle continued until the previous generation; Because they could not retain the power that women had. The world is designed by men, for men (from work structure to everything).

Now that environment is favoring women too (backed by scientific researches), they started regaining their power. Until it is scientifically proven wrong (which is impossible), they will shine irrespective of the pressure they face.

It’s why Biden took over Trump and recorded a massive 81 million votes, even after higher tax policies and a competitive market offered by him to the Americans; because women not just started regaining their power, they are learning to not let the power to slip.

People of lower I.Q had power due to the injustice that was continuously put-on women. Such people may get elected later too (once in a while); to over-power such situations, it is on men to assure women their rights.

If in doubt, take Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and European countries as examples. Here, women have their rights assured. That is why these places are among the best places to live because, they place more importance on human values ​​than capitalization; All due to better generations, developed by better women.

So, to be a better man and to have a better future, every man should guarantee the rights of a woman.